Alcohol & Fitness

So do you want to drink alcohol? But you also want to grow a lean muscular physique?

You are probably aware that alcohol is incredibly bad for your body & If you are keen on getting fit, losing fat and building muscle then you are probably concerned about drinking

So how bad is it?
VERY bad if done in EXCESS. Alcohol is high in calories, effects our hormones, lowers our immune system, impedes recovery, reduces strength. It promotes FAT GAIN and MUSCLE LOSS

Luckily there are some tips you can implement to minimise its impact on your body:
1. Drink responsibly (moderate amount of drinks 3-4 on a night out)
2. Drink low calorie drinks (vodka soda water, straight liquor, low carb light beers)
3. Stay Hydrated
4. Drink my special concoction (vodka + BCAAs)
5. Make it fit your daily calories by minimising fat or carb intake that day
6. Keep your protein intake high that days
7. Do more cardio the day off drinking
8. DO NOT binge eat after the night out or when hungover