Supps Explained - L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline (Also found as Citrulline Malate), when dosed efficaciously, (roughly 6g) this non-protein amino acid will enhance Nitric Oxide levels, boosting blood flow – meaning both veins and muscles will be pumped full of blood in no time.

One study has shown a 23% increase in force output, and another displayed an increase in participant’s reps per set, delayed fatigue, and a decrease in muscle soreness. The compound has also been shown to increase ATP production in exercise by up to 34%, meaning more energy to train for longer. 

When supplemented pre-workout (should be found in most good preworkouts), this ingredient will help improve both muscular endurance and performance, as well as energy levels and recovery. Due to the increased bloodflow to the muscles, nutrient flow will also be enhanced, therefore providing a greater rate of recovery and potential muscle gain!