What Are Pre-Workout Supplements and Should You Use Them?

Pre-workout supplements are multi-ingredient food supplements meant to provide you with the energy you need when doing a couple of physical exercises. Most of these products contain caffeine and often come in either powder or pill form. Some of them even contain ingredients that can benefit your health, especially when you’re working out.


However, given how it’s slowly gaining popularity among many fitness enthusiasts, it’s worth knowing all the essential information and what experts say about it. So, to help you with it, here are a few of the facts that you need to know about pre-workout stack supplements.

What is a pre-workout supplement? 

A pre-workout supplement is a dietary preparation made with various ingredients that aids in boosting a person’s athletic performance and energy. It typically consists of powder that you mix in water and consume before doing an exercise.


While various formulas exist in the market today, there are a few ingredients that you may find familiar among all of them. Aside from amino acids, they also contain creatine and artificial sweeteners to improve their taste.

How to choose a pre-workout supplement

Align it with your goals 

If you want to know how to choose a pre-workout supplement, you first need to establish your fitness goals. Doing so will help you narrow down your search when looking for pre-workout supplements in Australia. So, to get the most out of your pre-workout supplements, you need to ensure that the product that you choose aligns with your goals. For instance, if you’re trying to lose weight, you need to select the right product that contains the least amount of sugar or carbs.


Remember that any excess calories can eventually stack up, especially if you don’t monitor them. Meanwhile, if you’re trying to build mass, you can look for a product that contains a lot of protein to support your goals.


Review for any harmful substances 

Unfortunately, a few manufacturers don’t care if they use harmful stimulants on their products. So, it’s best to be extra careful with them, especially if you’re planning to use them for your fitness goals. One example of an ingredient that you need to be wary of is Dimethylamylamine. It’s also known as DMAA, which was a common additive in a few pre-workout drinks until it got banned in 2012. DMAA ingestion may cause an increase in blood pressure and tightening of the chest. There are times when it may even cause heart attacks.

Check for easy-to-understand ingredients 

When choosing the best pre-workout supplement in Australia, you need to ensure that you can easily read the ingredients and understand them. If you see any words that are difficult to pronounce or understand, it’s best to research what they’re all about before drinking them. 

Common ingredients in pre-workout supplements that boost exercise performance


One of the reasons people often feel energized and focused when consuming pre-workout supplements is its high caffeine level. Most pre-workouts today contain at least 150 mg to 300 mg of caffeine for every serving, which equates to drinking three cups of coffee in one go. So, if you’re a bit sensitive to this substance, it’s highly advisable to consume a smaller amount or find an alternative way to boost your energy before working out.


It’s an ingredient that can help those who are into high-intensity exercises. It’s also a practical component that can help you cushion your muscles, especially when doing powerful workouts. That’s because studies have shown that beta-alanine reduces fatigue while enhancing recovery when making sprints.


Another ingredient that can provide you with enough strength when doing a couple of physical routines is creatine. Creatine helps restore your energy, which allows your muscles to have more power to contract. This substance can also help boost your lean body mass levels too. That’s why it’s highly advisable to read the ingredients and choose the ones that have creatine.


Amino Acids

Most branched-chain amino acids can also boost lean body mass. Even more, studies also show that it promotes muscle recovery too. Most branched-chain amino acids can also reduce muscle damage after an intense workout.


Nitric oxide precursors

Nitric oxide is a natural body compound that promotes blood vessel relaxation and improves your blood flow. The compounds your body needs to produce nitric oxide are often a part of most pre-workout supplement ingredients. A few of these are L-citrulline and L-arginine.

A couple of studies show that consuming these compounds or precursors can boost your oxygen supply and even help transport the nutrients directly to your muscles; thus, enhancing your performance.


Should you take pre-workout supplements? 

Like everything else, these products aren’t meant for everybody. You need to check the label first to achieve the best pre-workout supplement benefits. So, if you frequently lack energy or find it challenging to complete your workout, it’s highly advisable to check with your doctor about it first.


Various factors can affect your exercise routines. Aside from inadequate hydration, poor sleeping habits and diet can affect your performance, too. Even more, it can also take its toll on your body’s ability to repair itself. Another factor is that the ingredients in various pre-workout supplements can make it difficult to determine whether they’ll work on your body or not. That said, it’s essential to buy pre-workout supplements that’ll work for you and your body. Just ensure to read the ingredients and your intake per serving.


The bottom line 

Pre-workout supplements are an excellent way to help you reach your fitness goals. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to choose a pre-workout supplement that’ll fit your goals and your body’s needs. Although ingredients can help you boost your energy during your workouts, the formula isn’t standardized and may have adverse effects. 


So, to ensure your success, it’s highly advisable to always back up your pre-workout supplements with energy-boosting foods that are nutritious and healthy for your body. It’s best to pair it up with enough sleep and relaxation, too. Above all, always ensure to keep yourself hydrated, especially when you’re doing heavy activities.