The workout options are endless with LT Active Wear FABRIC Bands! Comes complete with a beautiful pink mesh carry bag.

No matter what you do, whether its at the gym, office, outdoors or home you can take your workout with you anywhere! They're light and fit perfectly into your handbag or purse to go where ever you go!

You can add band work as the perfect accessory to compound exercises – to help with toning, shaping and building that perfect booty!

With three different levels of resistance – there are no limits! Take your workouts to the next level with LT Active Wear Booty Bands to change it up and get your booty workout in anywhere! No excuses now 🙂

Get yours here.

LEVEL 1 = MINT -  15-20lb/6-9kg

LEVEL 2 = PINK  - 20-30lbs/9-13kg

LEVEL 3 = PURPLE - 30-40lbs/13-18kg

Material: cotton+ latex
Size: 15 x 3.15inch

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