The “pump” or vasodilator category needed serious refinement. While we appreciate the aesthetics and ego-boosting of a solid pump as much as anyone, we also recognize that the physiological mechanisms behind the ingredients that “induce” the pump can be harnessed for more – harnessed into a product that achieves both the pump and creates a metabolic environment underneath it primed for performance increases.

That refinement has arrived in the form of PEAK X: a comprehensive performance and pump product that delivers all the above. We named the product PEAK X to capture the dual meanings of peak. Not only does PEAK X deliver the kind of pump that achieves “the peak,” but it also describes the feeling of reaching your maximum performance. PEAK X helps you set new PRs and knockdown previous barriers to your performance in the form of fatigue.

And when we say “comprehensive,” we mean comprehensive. PEAK X isn’t a mish-mash of ingredients with potentially redundant MOAs (Mechanism of Actions), at who knows which levels of purity. PEAK X contains four patented, well-researched ingredients with demonstrable results in increasing human performance. Vasodilation is an amazing – and highly obvious – side effect in this product, whereas increases to aerobic and anaerobic capacity, peak power, and endurance are the primary purpose. When you combine the two, you have the perfect combination of performance and pump!

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