Team Flex Australia started back in early 2012 (previously known as Flex Illawarra) as a very small home business when Managing Director, Reece saw an opportunity to follow a passion of his in the health and fitness through sports nutrition. For a year or so he had already been organising bulk orders of supplements for himself and all his mates to save on postage and decided that he could utilise his ABN to approach suppliers to stock him at wholesale rates. He approached a few and was successful in gaining an account with one. From there a small fledgling side business of selling a few bags of protein a month to mates grew into a fully stocked home store with a complete range of supplements. After two and a half years of this Reece had outgrown his home store and decided to make the move into a full commercial premises in Albion Park, NSW. He went all in, quit his jobs and risked everything he had saved on this business venture.

In March 2014, Team Flex Albion Park opened its doors and the rest as they say is history. Ours stores are totally independent and backed by no one but YOU! We survive and thrive from the support of you and our community who connect with us on a deeper level than just being a supplement store. Our slogan "Inspired by a Dream. Powered by Belief" represents everything this company has been. Totally a pipe dream that we worked insanely hard to turn into a reality.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and honest advice. Through this service we have been able to create a very strong culture and positive fitness community around us. One that we like to call the Flex Family. When you walk into our stores or interact with us online there is never any issues, we will always endeavour to ensure that everything will be solved promptly with your main needs and conerns always at the center of everything we do! We completely understand that we are nothing without your support and could not survive without you, so we make it our main mission to always attend to your needs first! You are not an interruption to our work, you are the purpose of it!