The Flex Family Affiliate program! 

If you're a personal trainer, nutritionist, gym owner, or just someone who is passionate about supplements and loves to tell people about it then this is for you! 

We have a tiered reward scheme as laid out below, which is all tracked through our website with your own custom discount code. Giving you a real chance to become a larger part of the Team Flex Family and be rewarded with some serious freebies for doing so! 

You will also gain access to on-hand support where possible to provide you with samples, advice or whatever else you might need to bring your friends and clients to the party! We believe in building a positive culture and community and want to touch millions of lives around the world for the better, you will be a part of helping us all achieve this as a group.

This program will also be used as a stepping stone to selection for our Elite Sponsored Athlete program with even bigger and better rewards. You would get the opportunity to work in closer with us to further grow your brand and a limitless earning potential with a paid cash back structure!

If this is you, or something you might be interested in, fill out the application to your right and we'll get back to you with where to go from here!