Steamfunk is bringing back the pre workout of a large scoop with a completely transparent breakdown to ensure you are getting all of the right ingredients in the right doses so you can workout at your full potential! 

  • Citrulline & agmatine = huge muscle pumps
  • Caffeine & theanine stack for linear energy
  • Massive beta alanine dose for those tingles


Don't believe us about the months of research that have gone into this beast of a pre-workout? Just check out the formula below!


Directions for use:

15-20 minutes before you train, take 1 scoop with 200-300mL of water.

You'll feel some tingles come on, but don't stress it is a harmless effect of ingesting beta alanine - that's what helps you push harder for longer. It's also a nice indication the magic is happening ;)

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