Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a newcomer to the workout scene, or simply someone who enjoys a delightful snack, EQ Food's XL 1000 Cal Cookie is here to take your snacking experience to the next level. This cookie is the ideal companion for replenishing post-workout energy on the go or treating yourself guilt-free during that afternoon slump. Life is too short for bland snacks, so why settle for anything less than a protein-packed fiesta for your taste buds?

With a whopping 1,000 calories per cookie, the XL 1000 Cal Cookie boasts a well-balanced blend of essential macronutrients, fulfilling half of your daily requirements. This delicious treat redefines the snacking experience by delivering both exceptional taste and intelligent nutrition. No longer must we sacrifice flavour for health-conscious eating.

Bid farewell to compromising your cravings and say hello to a cookie that excels in both taste and nutrition. Enjoy the delightful flavors that protein brings while relieving any guilt, knowing that each calorie contributes to a charitable cause. This outstanding creation, meticulously developed by food scientists, aims to serve as a dense and wholesome food source for those without access to adequate nutrition.

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