Introducing the latest addition to the protein bar aisle – the Cold Pressed Protein Bar by Fibre Boost! Crafted from the original concept of Smart Bars but taken to the next level, these bars are exceptionally clean, rich in fiber, high in protein, and cater to RAW and KETO enthusiasts. Boasting a robust combination of 22g whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate, these bars proudly represent Australian craftsmanship.

For those meticulously monitoring their macros and in search of a protein bar with minimal carbohydrates and sugar, the Cold Pressed Protein Bar is the ultimate choice, providing satiety and fullness. With approximately 25g of soluble prebiotic fibre, this bar not only supports gut health and aids digestion but also ensures a lasting feeling of satisfaction.

Opt for the intelligent approach to dieting by indulging in a Cold Pressed Bar – a smart bar with fewer than 150 calories, extremely low carbohydrates and sugar, and devoid of additives or hidden ingredients. Available in a variety of delectable flavours such as Crème Brûlée, Cappuccino, Choc Malt, Coconut, Biscuit, Salted Liquorice, Marshmallow, Passionfruit, Raspberry Frogs, Salted Caramel, Sour Watermelon, and more on the way!

What are the benefits of the Cold Pressed Protein Bar by Fibre Boost?

  • Contains raw and cold-pressed whey protein isolate
  • Packed with 25g prebiotic fibre to support digestion
  • Natural flavours and sweeteners
  • Very low-fat content
  • Extremely low sugar and carbohydrate content
  • Available in many flavours
  • Only 150 calories per bar and 22g of protein

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