Ghost Burn Non-Stim By Ghost Lifestyles

Get ready to destroy a serious sweat session, with the third installment in the Ghost Thermogenic lineup. Ghost Burn Non-stim is designed to dial up the thermogenesis to use up those lipids as fuel, whilst also suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism. Ghost Burn Non-stim holds its own as an epic non-stim fat burner to fit your lifestyle and stack, with maximum results. Create your ultimate thermogenic, pre-workout stack by mixing Ghost Burn Non-stim with Ghost Legend, or try with Ghost Pump for the best stim-free experience.

Never ones to promote the average, Ghost have introduced juicy flavours like Sour Black Cherry and Lemon Crush so you never get bored.

Ghost Burn Non-stim no-fuss formula is:

  • Vegan
  • Soy free
  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free

Ghost boasts a full disclosure label, so you get 100% transparency on ingredients with no proprietary blends. Trusted formulas where you know what you get in each and every scoop.

Ingredients breakdown

Ghost CarnipureⓇ Carnitine
Ghost has taken Carnitine to the next level with CarnipureⓇ, a premium quality amino acid from a strong scientific background. CarnipureⓇ L-Carnitine has been a leading sports supplement ingredient globally, helping to release fatty acids into the bloodstream and cells. Fat burning is massively accelerated with L-Carnitine, and a generous dose of 3g per serve will push you towards your goals faster. L-Carnitine has added benefits for the brain, increasing focus and concentration in your training sessions.


MitoburnⓇ- L-β-aminoisobutyric acid (BAIBA)
MitoburnⓇ is a form of BAIBA,  known as the ‘exercise factor’. Our muscles actually produce BAIBA during exercise to signal a metabolic increase in the body. BAIBA aids in turning white adipose tissue into the healthier, fat-burning brown adipose tissue, igniting the metabolic fire within!


Gamma-butyrobetaine ethyl ester HCl (GBB)
GBB is a renowned precursor to Carnitine in the body, with studies showing supplementation can increase our natural levels of L-Carnitine in the blood. This gives us shred seekers that ultimate thermogenic burn and sweat sesh we need.


CaloriBurn GPⓇ Grains of Paradise Seed extract
Grains of Paradise is a spice, similar to ginger, that helps to mobilise fat to be used as fuel and increase our energy expenditure. CaloriBurn GPⓇ is an industry-led extract of premium Grains of Paradise, tested extensively for efficacy and purity.


Garcinia Cambogia
A tried and true appetite suppressant, assisting to curb those cravings with a generous 1.5g dose per serving of GhostⓇ Burn Non-stim. 

AstraginⓇ is a 100% natural compound patented to promote the absorption of vitamins and minerals in our gut environment. Astragin is a real hero for increasing our uptake of amino acids, proteins and glucose to smash those nutrient goals.

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