Incredibulk by ProSupps - 5.2kg

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ProSupps IncrediBulk is the ultimate mass gainer for those who want to pack on the kilos and fast! If you find yourself having a hard time getting the growth you want, then ProSupps Incredibulk is for you. Packed with fast and slow digesting carbohydrates and plenty of protein to support muscle recovery and accelerate muscle growth, IncrediBulk also contains added branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). These BCAAs of leucine, isoleucine and valine help to minimise muscle breakdown so your body can focus purely on growth.
In addition, added creatine monohydrate is the perfect ingredient to combine with the plentiful carbohydrates to help you improve your strength and lifting performance. One of the most delicious mass gainers around, ProSupps IncrediBulk will help you put on some serious mass in next to no time.

Product Highlights
- 50g of muscle building protein per serve
- Fast and slow digesting carbohydrates to support fuel replenishment and quick gains
- Added branched chain amino acids to help halt muscle breakdown and muscle damage
- Added creatine monohydrate to support strength and performance improvements