Intraboost by Max's - 45 Serve

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Intra Boost recovery complex delivers micronised BCAA's in a 2:1:1 ratio. Max's Intra Boost Recovery Complex is further enhanced instantised glutamine peptides for faster absorption and improved muscle hydration. Combined with Magnesium Glycinate Glutamine Chelate to reduce lactic acid and HICA (Alpha -Hydroxy- Isocaproic -Acid) to improve glutamine absorption and provide added anticatabolic protection, Max's Lab Series Intra Boost has you covered when it comes to muscle repair and recovery which leads to ultimate muscle growth.

Max's Intra Boost Energy Complex provides Beta Alanine to increase carnosine levels in the body aiding its ability to work in a non oxygenated state improving muscular endurance. Intra Boost alsco combines caffeine and tyrosine to keep you focused.

Intra Boost also provides an Electrolyte Complex to ensure you stay hydrated to for muscle performance and to enhance recovery.

Maxs Lab Series Intra Boost provides the next generation in intra-workout products to ensure you train harder, recover better and increase lean muscle gains because "lifes to short to be small".

Consume while training