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Machine Uptake by MTS Nutrition - 60 serve

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MTS Machine Uptake is an advanced probiotic and digestive enzyme blend that can be used to improve your immune system and digestive health. The probiotic blend found in MTS Machine Uptake aids in maintaining a normal healthy immune system and general wellbeing, whilst the digestive enzymes promote gastrointestinal health and digestive function. Combined with a sensible dieting and training regime, MTS Machine Uptake will assist in the absorption of key nutrients.

MTS Machine Uptake should be taken throughout the day before any solid meal or liquid protein shake. Simply consume 1 serving 15 minutes before meals, especially those containing lactose. It is recommended to take 2 servings of MTS Machine Uptake per day.

You should experience the initial effects of MTS Machine Uptake within the first hour of use. You will experience an improved feeling of well-being and notice improved digestion and nutrient absorption throughout the day. In the days following your first dose, you will feel less bloated, reduced gastro-intestinal stress and your general health improving. These effects will continue for as long as you continue using MTS Machine Uptake.