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MTS Machine Carb 10

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MTS Machine Carb 10 is the optimal carbohydrate to use around training or throughout the day for glycogen replenishment and sustained energy. MTS Machine Carb 10 is absorbed very quickly through the gut, allowing your body to refuel and rebuild, but unlike other carbohydrate supplements MTS Machine Carb 10 does not elicit a spike in insulin or hypo-glycemic crash.

Glycogen replenishment is vital for performance and sustained energy. You should therefore take MTS Machine Carb 10 around strenuous activity and exercise, namely pre, intra and post-workout.
Pre-Workout: Simply mix 1-2 serves with your favourite pre-workout supplement such as MTS Clash, 30 minutes before training.
Intra-Workout: Simply mix 1-2 serves with your favourite intra-workout supplement such as MTS Machine Fuel and consume throughout your workout.
Post-Workout: Simply mix 1-2 serves with your favourite post-workout protein powder such as MTS Machine Whey and drink away!

Due to its low osmolality MTS Machine Carb 10 passes through the stomach quickly without GI distress. Therefore MTS Machine Carb 10 will go to work straight away replenishing glycogen stores to fuel performance and recovery. When taken pre-workout or intra-workout you will notice elevated and sustained energy levels during your workout. When taken post-workout, you will notice that your muscle recovery will improve and your post-workout energy levels will rise. Combined with a sensible dieting and training regime tailored to your health and fitness goals, the glycogen replenishment induced by supplementing with MTS Machine Carb 10 will start to make substantial changes to your physique within the first 2 weeks of use. You will continue to experience physique changing results indefinitely, provided you stick to your dieting and training regime.