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NANO Creatine by Advanced Sports Nutrition - 200g - 66 serve

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Creapure of Germany, the world's best creatine material supplier, has licensed ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition to display the Creapure Logo on the NANO Creatine Products. This is proof of the high standards ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition set in the sports nutrition industry.  ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition was the first company in the world to make a scientific break-through with NANO-Creatine; a technology which makes all other creatines a thing of the past. A technology which has revolutionized the sports industry as we know it. With so many different creatine products on the market, one creatine still shines above the rest in regards to absorbability, stability, dissolvability and performance and that is NANO Creatine, pure nanorised Creapure Creatine; measured at an exceptional small and pure 3000 mesh allowing for instant body absorption.

66 / 200 grams

Recommended Use
Increase Performance: Take 1 serving 15 min before exercise.
Increase Muscle Mass: 1 serving 15 min before and straight after exercise. A loading phase is optional.
Combine with HP-100, NANO Peptide Extract in 200ml of water and consume before and after exercise.

NANO Creatine – Behind the Science
Creatine is present in the muscular tissue of many vertebrates, including man. It is a precursor of creatine phosphate, which in turn, acts as an energy store in the muscles: creatine phosphate is a compound with high energy bonds and serves to maintain the supply of ATP necessary for muscle contractions. Muscle energy is enhanced and muscle endurance is greater, creating muscle growth.  Creatine is a natural substance that is also found in many food sources as well as stored within muscle tissue.  During an aerobic exercise or high intensity sports such as; weight lifting, sprinting, football, the contraction of muscle takes place without the use of oxygen.  Muscle metabolize or release energy by the means of a chemical reaction of a substance called ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate). Stored ATP within muscle is limited to approximately 10 second supply and must be constantly re-synthesized for continuous maximum muscle contractions.  Creatine is an integral part of the chemical reaction to re-synthesizing ATP. The more creatine your muscle can hold, the more fuel you have for re-synthesizing ATP and the result will be explosive muscular power, increased stamina, enhanced and greater intensity with less muscular fatigue.
Scientists found that our bodies can actually store more creatine in our muscle cells than we produce. Approximately 120g of creatine is found in a 70 kg male, 95% in the skeletal muscle. Total creatine exists in muscle as both free creatine (40%) and phosphocreatine (60%). It appears that supplemental creatine monohydrate increases muscle total creatine, including both free and phosphocreatine. The average human body can store in excess around 40g of total creatine (free + phosphocreatine ). Phosphocreatine is the direct precursor for your energy system while free creatine is the direct precursor for phosphocreatine. This not only has the effect of increasing the availability of creatine to be used in your energy cycle but also it increases the fluid within the muscle cell associated with the osmotic effect of increased intramuscular free creatine. This increases the muscle cell size in which more nutrients can be transported and stored within the muscle to be used for energy and protein synthesis, increasing exercise performance, recovery and muscle growth.
Creatine is not only beneficial for increasing performance during exercise and recovering properly after exercise, it also has a lot of other health benefits as well. There are numerous scientific studies which confirm this. It is of great benefit to congestive heart failure (CHF) patients as CHF patients exhibit endogenous intracellular creatine levels approximately 20% lower than normal and supplementary creatine helps to restore normal creatine levels. This is because some of the body’s creatine pool is stored in the Heart. Creatine halts the further progression of gyrate atrophy of the choroid and retina. It counteracts the cachexia associated with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) – because it helps increases muscle mass and muscle strength in AIDS patients. Fibromyalgia patients have significantly lower levels of creatine than healthy people and supplemental creatine helps to restore endogenous creatine levels to normal. Creatine also helps to protect the brain from concussion and accelerates the healing of the brain after concussion. It has also been associated with increased brain function. Maintaining optimum levels of creatine within the body seems to be a major health benefit for general health and wellbeing. This not only makes it a necessity for sports people, but all people alike.

NANO Creatine – Exceptional Efficiency
With the particles being so tiny, over 1250 times greater than a micronized process, the efficiency of absorption is increased.  Because of their NANO size, they start to behave more like ions, becoming very electro-static in nature and therefore easily pass through cell membranes, allowing assimilation straight into the bloodstream.
The smaller the particles of any substance, the easier it is to be absorbed. Your skin, digestive tract and under your tongue contain membranes that are selective in what they let through. Acting like tiny filters, only the smallest of particles will be absorbed straight away.  NANO Technology allows this to happen. Quicker digestion and faster utilization is a certainty with ASN’s revolutionizing NANO-Creatine. Once you have processed the creatine using NANO Technology, you create an even more pure creatine. The more pure the creatine, the less solvents and impurities it will contain.