MOTION ARMOUR Joint Longevity introduces an innovative blend of patented ingredients, including NEM®, 5-LOXIN®, and curcumin, creating a comprehensive natural joint protection formula. This unique formulation is expertly crafted to support joint cartilage health and enhance mobility and flexibility, catering to the needs of highly active individuals. It also alleviates mild joint inflammation, pain, and stiffness.

NEM®, derived from patented eggshell membrane technology by Stratum Nutrition, stands out as the most extensively clinically tested eggshell membrane product globally. Its clinical studies have consistently demonstrated its efficacy in promoting joint health by reducing pain, stiffness, and inflexibility.

5-LOXIN® is a clinically-studied, patented boswellia extract renowned for its positive impact on cartilage preservation. Each batch of 5-LOXIN® is traceable to a specific geographic region and set of trees, ensuring quality and consistency. Stringent testing is conducted at various stages of product manufacturing to meet predefined specifications.

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