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Australian Supplement Brand ATP Science are fast becoming the leader in scientifically researched transdermal products (applied to the skin) that get real results. After releasing the highly successful of Subcut & Block E3 Body Shaping Serums ATP Science is now proud to bring you Prototype 8 - a revolutionary transdermal PUMP supplement. Designed to deliver PUMP through vasodilation and nitric oxide production to stimulate MUSCLE GROWTH exactly where it is applied during training.
Transdermal vasodilators have been used medically for years to treat conditions and symptoms related to poor blood flow and circulation but Prototype 8 is one of the first vasodilating supplements designed for muscle size and growth.
Why is Muscular PUMP Important?
When a muscle is at maximum PUMP due to vasodilation from training or injury, a series of events occur that first induces the release of calcium into the muscle cells, which then in turn activates SATELLITE CELLS which stimulate muscle repair and growth. Prototype 8 is designed to deliver MAXIMAL VASODILATION and PUMP anywhere it is applied leading to maximal satellite cell activation and MAXIMAL MUSCLE GROWTH!!!
Why Use a Transdermal PUMP Supplement?
Any oral vasodilators must first survive digestion, then be absorbed by the stomach and intestinal walls, then be processed by the liver, before finally reaching the blood stream and being evenly distributed throughout the body. For this reason only a small percentage of the originally consumed amount are ever reaching the target muscles and therefore very large quantities are needed to achieve the desired result.
When the same ingredients are delivered transdermally, it is simply absorbed through the skin, down the hair follicles and through to the tissue underneath making it readily available to be used exactly where it has been applied. This process leads to far less wastage and there is no guessing as to how much of each ingredient is reaching the target muscles.
Apply 1-3 pumps (1/4 teaspoon) per muscle group after any warm up sets have been completed, and again before the last exercise of the session. If training two muscle groups such as legs and shoulders, apply only to the legs until the leg program has been finished, then apply to the shoulders as you complete the shoulder exercises. MOST EFFECTIVE WHEN USED WITH A HIGH VOLUME TRAINING PROGRAM.
A skin patch test is recommended before proper use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding. Keep away from eyes.