Vitargo is a sugar-free energy solution, promoting a rapid and sustained release of insulin that contributes to a muscle growth environment and optimal recovery period. Vitargo works to restore glycogen levels rapidly whilst fighting fatigue.

Some “sports drinks” may boast big on their claims but when examined closely they’re shown to be nothing more than sugar and water, barely resembling anything that could be called a sports or fitness drink.

It is composed of fast absorbing carbs but low osmolarity, meaning your muscle tissue gets the good stuff and quickly. Vitargo is a scientifically approved formula shown to assist with the restoration of glycogen stores in an efficient manner.

The inside scoop

Dextrose is a simple carbohydrate that is quickly absorbed. Furthermore, it is completely natural and the body recognizes as the primary source used as energy. This is a great advantage as one of the most sought effects in the post-training is the fastest rate of absorption of energy sources. After dextrose is absorbed, it causes an insulin spike creating an environment highly favourable for metabolic muscle rebuilding allowing the recovery of glycogen stores and reduced cortisol levels, a catabolic hormone.

Maltodextrin is an ingredient commonly used in the food industry. Is an intermediate product in the hydrolysis of starch. It is a more complex molecule and harder to digest than dextrose. In the same way, takes a little longer to be absorbed. However, has the advantage of generating a favourable insulin peak, which complements that produced by dextrose.

Starch syrup is another component which has higher molecular weight and is similar to the maltodextrin. This is a great advantage since the higher molecular weight, less osmolality and the likelihood of cramping and abdominal discomfort generated is much lower.

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