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Support performance and recovery with Xtend Healthy Hydration by Scivation. It is formulated with six key electrolytes plus essential amino acids, vitamin D, B vitamins and BetaPower for effective performance and hydration. This convenient hydration drink is sugar-free and has nothing artificial.

This hydration formula contains BetaPower Betaine, a clinically studied extract that delivers hydration and physical performance benefits. You can enjoy Xtend Healthy Hydration any time of the day. Whether in the morning to kick off your day, an afternoon pick-me-up to beat the midday slump, or after workouts to kickstart recovery.

What are the benefits of Xtend Healthy Hydration by Scivation?

  • Key electrolytes for optimal hydration
  • Refreshing and delicious taste
  • Effective hydration and performance
  • Easy to mix and convenient sticks for any time of the hydration
  • Contains nourishing vitamins D and B
  • Zero sugar and no artificial flavours

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