Quality Health Supplements

How to Ensure You Are Getting Quality Health Supplements

Do you feel like you need a pick-me-up from a supplement?
Dietary supplements can be an integral part of your health routine as they add nutrients and other compounds vital to your health. These health supplements range from vitamins, minerals to nutrients and herb blends.
There are plenty of supplements on the market that claim to give specific health benefits. However, with hazy regulations, it is not always clear which supplements are of high quality, ineffective or even potentially dangerous for your health.
Stick through the end of this article to know more about what makes a quality health supplement and how to choose a safe and high-quality product from a supplement shop.

How Do You Ensure Quality Health Supplements?

Know Related Terms

Vitamins. Vitamins are important nutrients needed by the body to function at its peak and stay healthy. Most vitamins regulate vital metabolic processes, including growth, nerve function and digestion.

Fat-soluble vitamins. These vitamins can be stored in your body and dissolve fat. They help with integral processes in the body, such as vision, bone health, immune function and coagulation. Fat-soluble vitamins include Vitamins A, D, E and K.

Water-soluble vitamins. These vitamins are water-soluble and are not stored by the body. Examples of these are vitamins C and B.

Minerals. Minerals are inorganic and essential for specific bodily functions, including growth, bone health and fluid homeostasis.

Proprietary blend. Proprietary blends are a synergistic and unique combination of ingredients created by supplement manufacturers. In many cases, it is hard to determine from the label how much of each ingredient stated the product actually contains.

Avoid Buying Supplements From Unreliable Online Supplement Store

Not all retailers are trustworthy. Retail sites, such as Amazon or eBay, could be offering too good to be true budget supplements from hundreds of thousands of shady sellers.
Having products labelled as professional grade on these sites doesn’t mean they are not counterfeit. If you purchase any health supplement from these and other unreliable sites, you could risk paying for fillers or potentially ingesting something harmful. It is recommended to research the manufacturer of your supplement, their best practices and the promises they make.

How to Tell If You’re Buying Professional-Grade Supplements

Independent organisations conduct quality testing. Products that pass these tests display the organisation’s quality assurance seal to indicate the product underwent proper manufacturing and contains the ingredients listed on the label.
Testing ensures the health supplements do not have harmful levels of contaminants. However, these seals do not guarantee a product is safe or effective.

How To Know If Your Supplements Are Safe

Make Sure You Need the Supplement

How do you determine if you need a health supplement? Online advertisements, flashy headlines or even your friend are not good sources for recommendations. It would help if you took the proper assessment, such as blood work, to ensure you need a supplement.
If you require more levels of a nutrient, see if you can obtain the vitamin, mineral, herb or substance in the form of food first. Also, if you can't modify your diet or lifestyle, consider incorporating the specific supplement into your health routine.

Check for Supporting Science

If a health supplement makes claims that are too good to be true, it probably is. Credible supplements have peer-reviewed scientific literature that backs their effectiveness. The recommended dosage must also be supported by science, which should be explained in the supporting studies as well. Take note that higher dosage does not always equal better results. Be sceptical of mega-doses.

Consult with Your Doctor if You Are Taking Medication, Pregnant or Breast-Feeding

Many supplements can conflict with prescription drugs, so ensure that the supplement can be safely taken with your medications. Pregnant or breastfeeding women must also consult a doctor prior to beginning any new supplement routine.

How Do You Choose the Right Supplement Brand?

Buy Organic

Many herbal supplements have not undergone third-party verification. To ensure the lowest level of contamination, purchase organic herbal supplements to make sure they are free of harmful pesticides. Credible companies provide information about the source of their herbs and proudly share the information on their official online supplement store website.

Choose Single-Ingredient Supplements

Single-ingredient supplements are more likely to contain the amount of ingredients stated on the label and less likely to have dangerous levels of contamination. Proprietary blends do not report the exact amount of ingredients on their labels and should be bought with precautions.

Buy Supplements from a Reputable Source

Many companies do not go through the tedious process of quality control, so there is no assurance that the label matches the product and that their ingredients are pure. Purchasing from established brands increases the likelihood that the supplement contains the optimum amount of the active ingredient. This is because these brands can afford quality control processes and regulations.

What Are Some of the Important Questions to Ask When Shopping for Supplements?

Is the product too good to be true?

Manufacturers of supplements are prohibited from making exaggerated claims of health benefits. Many avoid statements, such as ‘cures disease’, and instead favour more conservative assertions, such as ‘supports immunity’. Nevertheless, pills that make overzealous claims are not uncommon, and these could be red flags of a fraudulent product. Remember, if the health supplement or the supplement shop seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Is there evidence the health supplement does what it promises?

Studies conducting the effectiveness of various substances on the human body span thousands. These studies explain how each vitamin or mineral works in the body and the science behind its health impact. Some supplements may have evidence that it does what it promises, but others don’t. This is why researching about the product before buying it is crucial.

Have independent labs tested the product?

Regulatory gaps have led to quality lapses even among well-known brands. Pills labelled as medicinal herbs contain trace amounts of fillers. In some cases, supplements have high levels of substances that can cause adverse reactions to those with allergies.
In Australia, the Australian Certified Supplements (ACS) and NATA-accredited third-party laboratories analyse nutritional supplements to validate that the label accurately reflects the stated ingredients.


When purchasing dietary supplements, you have a wide array of choices. You can select from product categories, specific products, as well as brands and sources.
But some choices are smarter than others. You must conduct thorough research, whether it is consulting with a healthcare expert or checking a particular company’s supporting science. It is also recommended to look for the product’s third-party seals or certifications.
Legitimate dietary supplement companies are rigorous with product quality because they have a stake in customers’ health. These companies are in it for the long run and want loyal customers who will purchase their products for a long time.
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